Fruit & vegetable Carving

fruit & vegetable carving

Fruit and vegetable carving is one of the ancient Thai handicrafts. There is evidence that appears in the literature of Sukhothai period, Thao Si Chulalak, who was the person invented and decorated the floating lanterns to be more beautiful than the lanterns of others on the full moon day of the royal ceremony. Women in the royal palace have learned this skill that has inherited from generation to generation until today.

“Carving” is an art form that has been a valuable heritage of Thailand for a long time and can be seen in the banquet in the hotel or at restaurants. Some are used as part of tableware to create a pleasant atmosphere during the meal as well.

Carving is a kind of sculpture art. It is the invention of soft objects such as fruits and vegetables that have not yet formed that will be created to be more beautiful and strange by using sharp tools by cutting, chamfering, scraping, carving, coring to create patterns as desired. In addition, it is also a skill practice of patience and calmness that requires mind to go along with the work.

Fruits and vegetables that are carved must be quite hard and clearly shaped, while fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, guava, apple, rose apple, and papaya, while the vegetables that are used are pumpkin, carrots, radishes, yam, water chestnuts, as well as dipping vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, ginger, chili, onions, spring onions, etc.

Benefits of fruit and vegetable carving


The main purpose of carving is to add beauty on foods, which can be seen at restaurants or hotels with decorative carvings for beauty or for use in traditional events or ceremonies,  it is also used to promote Thai art and culture or carve to enter the competition that will be created to a new and various pattern. This will make the sculptors take pride in their work and be praised, able to create jobs and generate income.

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