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Thailand has become one of best spa destinations in the world and also earned a reputation as the spa capital of Asia.

Thailand's spas are popular due to a long heritage of natural healing and herbal beauty treatment as well as beautiful tropical environment and service minded people.

You can find spas in most five star hotels and resorts and as well as privately owned spa shops around town. Each place offers exclusive services and products. Thailand offers many type of Spa that fit you need such as Destination Spa, Day Spa, Hotel & Resort Spa and Medical Spa.  

Come to relax and pamper your mind and body at one of Thailand’s spas..

Thai  massage

The origins of the Traditional Thai Massage or Nuad Pan Boran can trace its origins back to over 2.500 years. It originated in ancient India and was spread to Thailand by missionary Buddhist monks.

It is one of the traditional Thai medicines. The historical creator of Thai medicine is Shivaga Komarapaj, a friend and physician to the Buddha, and also a founder of the Thai massage. This Massage technique has been passed through the generations thus evolving into the traditional Thai massage.

The purpose of the Thai Massage is to provide body relaxation, release body tension, alleviate muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, and revitalize ones’energy level.

If you want to experience a real Traditional Thai Massage, you can find this service at almost all five-star hotels or Thai massage schools where professional masseuses are provided who are well trained and certificated by a Traditional Thai Massage institute. 

foot massage

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of massage techniques practiced in Thailand, and one of most interesting of them is the foot massage. This massage is applied by using fingers which are precisely directed to specific nerve points in the foot. Each part of the foot is linked to another part of the body and extending to all vital organs as well.

Foot massages help to improve internal organs and also aid in gaining an overall sense of relaxation.

herbal suana

Herbal Saunas also define an aspect of Traditional Thai medicine. Many Thai massage therapeutics combine their hands-on skills with herbal saunas. Knowledge of the practice and use of the herbal sauna has been handed down and remembered by the current generation from oral tradition dating back centuries.

Thailand has its own local knowledge of suitable plants and their specific benefits as well as specialized remedies for all varieties of health conditions.

The general benefit of herbal saunas is to enhance the health of the body, clean the skin, and clear the mind. The benefits of the herbs, when used in the tradition sense, is to allow for an opening of skin pores, thus allowing for herbs to be absorbed and hence benefit vital internal organs.

The herbs enhance the vitality of the body when combined with the Traditional Thai Massage. The flow of vital energy (Chi) is also enhanced thus allowing all the body systems to be improved by their reciprocal interactions.

Herbs also dominate Thai women's beauty and skincare treatments. Some plants works as a body scrub to keep skin soft and smooth.

Discovering Thai style herbal saunas is an excellent way to compliment ones’ beauty