Garland Making

Garland Making 

Garland or Malai in Thai means artificial flower in Thai style by bringing flowers, petals, leaves and different parts of the flower that can be invented and made into another shapes or patterns. There are many different patterns and shapes that are created to be beautiful Malai.

Our Thai ancestors are famous for many handicrafts, especially the invention of decorative wreaths of flowers, leaves, fruits and other materials that have been famous since ancient times. But there is no evidence when this art has begun, but it was in the record in Sukhothai period, Thao Si Chulalak or Nang Noppamas, who was excellent skilled in crafting of fresh flowers, she made the decorative floating lanterns the most beautiful for royal ceremony, and this art has been passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, the Malai is used in many auspicious events such as weddings, various receptions or receptions for important people. It shows that Malai is an invention that is very valuable because it is what Thai people use in important events that show respect and joy. It shows the way we give to the people we love and respect like parents, teachers and elders or use to pay homage to the sacred. In addition, the flowers used in the Malais also hidden with good meaning that shows respect, love and goodwill.

Examples of meanings of flowers that are commonly used in making Malai include:

Jasmine – an auspicious flower that Thai people regard as a symbol of Mother's Day. With the fragrant scent that makes you feel good and the pure white color of jasmine like pure love that will never fade away. 

Rose – the flower of love that we know well, which is called the queen of flowers. The red rose can convey a variety of meanings, including love, respect, admiration and loyalty. 

Amaranth – a flower that represents stability and invulnerability because it is a flower that blooms without wilting. It conveys love and faith that will never change like amaranth. 

Crown flower- Or 'Dok Rak' in Thai, another type of auspicious flower for Thai people, which represents for pure love for someone, when just hearing the name, it can feel the heart warming because of good meaning for love.

Orchid - a symbol of wealth, love and grace. It represents nobleness, excellence and refined beauty and is also used as teachers' day symbols. 

For the beginner or tourists who would like to learn Malai making, we suggest for these basic patterns for learning.

Loop Malai

Description : A small garland made from Crown flowers leaves, and Amaranth.

Used for : Pay homage, giving to elders as souvenirs or show respect

Note:  Can be kept as dried Garland 

Rose petals Malai

Description:  a slender at head and bottom but bloated at the middle, made from Mon rose petals on coconut stalks.

Used for:  Worship, give to the elders as souvenirs or be assembled with leaves or fresh flowers to decorate the venue

Jasmine Malai

Description : Small garland made from jasmine flowers with a garland-shaped garment as a highlight and assemble the tail with Crown flowers or Dok Rak.

Used for: To worship, give to the elders as souvenirs or show respect

Class:  Take around 3 - 4 hours. 

Place: Club house

Siwalee Village Rangsit 2

Prachathipat Subdistrict, Thanyaburi District, Pathumtani

Cost: 2,500 THB/person

Include: Teacher fee, Thai herbal drinks, your own making Malai

Exclude: Transportation fee, equipment of making Malai


Please make booking at least 7 days before starting class.

If you want to have the class at your place, the additional expenses will be charged.

Booking please contact:   Tel/WhatsApp: (+66)914981621