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Day Trip Ayutthaya Highlight

Explore Ancient Capital City, UNESCO Historical Park, DIY Activities and Floating Market

Visit the ancient city and former capital of Thailand, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site where ruin temples and palaces in the history are in this compound. Explore Ayutthaya in comfortable and relaxed travel with your personal guide who will guide you to the important and the landmark temples in Ayutthaya, enjoy your DIY activities at local handicraft shop and visit Roti Saimai shop to see demonstration of making this delicious dessert that is the signature and a must souvenir of Ayutthaya, and then enjoy your lunch with various Thai foods and local desserts, and take your time for shopping at floating market.

Start your trip in the morning

8:00 -   Pick up at the meeting point in Bangkok

Travel to Ayutthaya by A/C Van

The first stop is Wat Chaiwatthanaram, It is one of Ayutthaya's best known temples and a major tourist attraction. Wat Chaiwatthanaram is located to the south-west of the Ayutthaya Historical park area on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River, here is also considered to be one of the best to see sunset in Ayutthaya. And this temple is also the location for the popular Thai drama ‘Buppesanniwat’. Tourists can rent Thai Traditional Costumes to dress up and enjoy taking photos around the temple.

Visit the artist house to learn making Palm Leaf Fish or Palm Leaf Carp, which is an old profession that has been passed down from the ancestors for more than 100 years. Enjoy your DIY with the artist at their house; this art is a traditional handicraft of Thailand and Ayutthaya is the largest producer of Palm Leaf Carp in the country. It is the symbol of prosperity, so Thai people like to hang it over the baby’s crib for the baby to watch and they believe this make baby easy to raise, blessing the children to grow up fast and abundant like Carp in the rice season. Some believe Carp is a good fortune and if a house hangs palm leaf carp in front of the house, it will bring prosperity and happy.

Visit Roti Saimai Shop or Cotton Candy Roti is a type of dessert that consists of two main components, the dough sheet and the filling. Simmered sugar is made into shredded strands called Saimai. When eaten, the dough will be wrapped around the filling and rolled up to eat. This dessert is the popular souvenir of Ayutthaya. We will take you to see the process of simmering sugar to make cotton candy and making roti dough. And you can try making it by yourself at the shop.

Visit the UNESCO Historical Park, the landmark temple is Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, next to Wiharn Phra Mongkhon Bopit, it is an important temple built in the Royal Palace, comparable to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha of Bangkok or Wat Mahathat of Sukhothai. There are no monks to stay here but use it as a place to perform many important royal ceremonies. When walking into the temple, we will see a beautiful ancient place, old buddha including various buildings that are still traces of the beauty of the architecture.

The next temple is Wat Mahathat where is something amazing, which is the head of a Buddha statue over a hundred years old in the root of the tree. The head of the Buddha image is a sandstone Buddha image in Ayutthaya Art that making it a strange beauty to become a miracle making this temple become a famous temple and is known to both Thais and foreigners. Furthermore, there are more ancient places and Buddha image stand outstanding around the temple as well.

Visit Elephant Camp, you can enjoy taking photos with elephants or see elephant performance here (Optional)

Lunch and enjoy your time at Ayothaya Floating Market - Enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful scenery by walking around the market to taste delicious foods and desserts along the canal or buy souvenirs at the shops. For special occasions also have traditional performance or events in the market to entertain tourists. All shops are set in the beautiful Thai house offering many goods from clothes, souvenirs, foods and much more. There is also a boat transfer service within the market to reflect the way of travel in the old days of Ayutthaya.

Last visit is Wat Yai Chaimongkol, it is another important historical temple and one of the most popular tourist temples in Ayutthaya. The highlights of this temple besides the outstanding and beautiful architecture, the tallest chedi in Ayutthaya located here where tourists can see over Ayutthaya from the top, the principal Buddha image is the sacred object of the temple, and Reclining Buddha image  was covered with a robe enshrined on the same site of the old temple. Visitors can relax and sit at the beautiful gardens inside the temple as well.


Around 17:00 hrs. Get back to Bangkok.

Private tour:

2 pax -   4,500   THB/pax

3 pax -   3,200   THB/pax

4 pax  -  2,500  THB/pax

6-8 pax - 2,000 THB/pax



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