Thai Massage

Thai massage or traditional massage is a type of massage in Thailand, which is the science of healing and therapeutic medicine of Thailand. The emphasis in the press rolls bending, pulling and squeezing a pack which is known by its common name. "Ancient Massage" or “ Nuad Pan Boran” by evidence that massage in Thailand has received from India. Then it was developed and revised to be compatible with the culture of Thailand and known as Thai massage.


The purpose of the Thai Massage is to provide body relaxation, release body tension, alleviate muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, and revitalize one’s energy level.

If you want to experience a real Thai Massage, you can find this service at almost all five-star hotels, spas, massage shops or Thai massage schools where professional masseuses are provided who are well trained and certificated by a Traditional Thai Massage institute.

Foot Massage

There are many kinds of massage techniques practiced in Thailand, and one of most interesting of them is the foot massage. This massage is applied by using fingers which are precisely directed to specific nerve points in the foot. Each part of the foot is linked to another part of the body and extending to all vital organs as well. Foot massages help to improve internal organs and also aid in gaining an overall sense of relaxation.

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