Herbal Sauna

Herbal Saunas also define an aspect of Traditional Thai medicine. Many Thai massage therapeutics combine their hands-on skills with herbal saunas. Knowledge of the practice and use of the herbal sauna has been handed down by oral tradition to each generation for centuries. Thailand has its own local knowledge of plants and their specific benefits as well as specialized remedies for all varieties of health conditions.

The general benefit of herbal saunas is to enhance the health of the body, clean the skin, and clear the mind. The herbs, when used in the traditional sense, cause the skin pores to open, thus allowing the herbs to be absorbed and benefit the vital internal organs. When combined with the traditional Thai massage, the herbs enhance the vitality of the body. The flow of vital energy (Chi) is also enhanced thus allowing all the body systems to be improved by their reciprocal interactions. Herbs also dominate Thai beauty and skincare treatments. Some plants work as a body scrub to keep skin soft and smooth.

Complement and enhance your beauty with a Thai style herbal sauna and discover the secret to the beautiful skin of Thai women.