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Every Woman Counts
Offering holistic health approaches to address each
woman's concerns on wellness & aesthetic journey.
1-31 October 2019
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Worry Free Screening Program

  • Breast Risks
  • Specific Female Homones Screening
  • Toxins Screening
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Bone Mineral Density

Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis are two of the largest health concerns among women. This inclusive program targets these concerns using innovative investigation techniques. Toxins with known associations to breast cancer are screened for in the urine and hormones that influence general and breast health are measured in the blood. Bone mineral density of hip and spine, as well as Calcium and Vitamin D are measurements and reflections of bone health using DXA scan and blood testing.

19,000 THB

(Regular Price 29,120 THB)

Viveve Silver


Ten to of women needlessly suffer from bladder leakage and vaginal laxity. However, there is a non-surgical. treatment option, Viveve induces collagen production,
increases muscle contraction and improves sensitivity.

75,000 THB (Regualr price 100,000 THB)
For Single Treatment



DNA Wellness Panel

Our genetic make-up contributes to non-communicable, disease rik (osteoporosis, obesity and cardiovascular disease). Wellness Screening analyzes your genes personalized recommendations for illness prevention.

14,900 THB
(Regular price 28,000 THB)

Wellness Provoked Toxic Metal Screening


Toxins are acknowledged to contribute to brain fog, weight gain, headaches and more. If found you can access the treatment needed to eliminate toxic substances from your body.

15,000 THB


Youthful & Wrinkle-Free (Botox-Filler)


Non-surgical effective ways to look naturally younger without surgery are available at Vitalife. Botox and Fillers complement each other for transformative yet natural looking result

15% Off


PRP for Hair Restoration & Face Rejuvination


Prevent hair loss and increase hair growth in men and women with our personalized, non-surgical hair restoration treatments.

Note: treating hair loss early in the process maximizes positive outcomes.

Face Rejuvenation encourages collagen production and light therapy combats acne, stimulates collagen production and speeds healing.

15,300 THB
when four treatments are purchased in advance
(Regular price 18,000 TH)


Cool Sculpting Advantage


Body contouring is within your grasp Up to 20% fat reduction with one visit. More if two visits. Effect is permanent with a healthy lifestyle.

18,000 THB
(1-3 targeted areas)
(minimum 4 targeted areas)