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We are pleased to introduce Ploy, a travel blogger in Thailand, she is a solo traveler all over Thailand. She likes adventure and sometimes she rides her motorbike to explore Thailand that makes her journey interesting. She is happy to share her experiences during traveling and some tips for us. Here is her story of travelling to Yala province, one of the most southern provinces in Thailand.

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Her first time to Yala alone by train, many people are worry about safety and heard about violence at the southern border, but what they think and what they found is exposed, it is completely different from their thought. Yala is not as scary as you think. On the other hand, the place and people are wonderful, peaceful with friendliness and surrounding environment with beautiful nature that will amazes you. Moreover, the new international Betong Airport in Yala is ready to welcome all tourists.

This time she used tour services at FB page: GunungSilipatBetong - they provide community tour and travel activities at Betong,Yala. For more information you can contact at this page.

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Journey Diary from Ploy

Start journey from Bangkok

Day 1
- Take a train from Hua Lamphong station ( Hua Lamphong station is closed the service and turn it to be museum) From now on we will use the service at Bang Sue Grand Station instead- the new mass transport hub of Bangkok. The train to Yala is air-conditioned Special Express Train (Lady Bogie)- sleeper train, it takes around 21 hours to Yala.

During the journey on the train I found the beautiful view along the way, which is so amazing. The sleeping carriage is comfortable with cool air conditioner, provided blankets, and has a charger. And still have food for sale from time to time. And what you can't miss is fish noodles at Ratchaburi Station and a stop for tea and coffee, sticky rice with fried chicken at Hat Yai Station

Besides, we still meet friendship from people who always asking questions and talking, and also suggesting places to visit in the South


Day 2 - After sitting and sleeping on the train for around 21 hours. Finally I arrived at Yala Railway Station. Then I walked to the front of the station and took a tuk-tuk a short distance to the van station to buy a ticket to Yala-Betong. After getting the ticket I went to the meeting point at the noodle shop. The telephone number of van station shows on the ticket to reserve a seat for return.

Along the way of riding a van, there will be checkpoints for safety. By taking a ride in the car, it will be a bit dizzy, and for anyone who has car sickness due to a lot of curves but the view along the way is so beautiful. It takes around more than an hour to take us to the camping spot and see the staff there, this spot is a gathering place before start walking up to the Gunung Silipat summit, the walking path is not difficult but there is some steep and slippery areas.

Unfortunately, there was heavy rain on that day. We had to carry our luggage by ourselves, the staff will provide us for essential things if we need, when we reached to the site, foods and drinks were available, the staff told us which tent to stay. There is a toilet and it is quite convenient. Showering is quite difficult and most of travelers don't take a shower. After the rain stopped, we came out to sit and chat, got some drinks and grilled food, enjoy with those who shared their story. Before it's time we dispersed to sleep to prepare to walk up to see the morning mist on the next day.

Day 3
- In the morning, we walked to the top with a flashlight with other travelers, most of the walking paths are rocky and steadily steeper. At this point, it is considered to be very tired, but it doesn't take long to reach, the distance to the summit is approximately 200 meters and walking time is about 10-15 minutes.

When we got to the summit where there were still no people, we could take pictures but not many as there is no light yet and the sky is not bright. The travelers helped one another along the way, After a while, the staff had reached to the top to make breakfast for us.

At that time on the summit of Gunung Silipat there was no sea of mist for us to see, just only a dense of fog. This made us a little disappointing. After we waited for a while but did not appear, then we walked down to get to explore other destination and got back to the campsite

Time around eight o’clock in the morning, after storing all stuff we carried our luggage and walked back to the bus stop to get a van back and return to the noodle shop where we made an appointment with staff there before heading to the next place.

Going to Yala alone is not lonely and not as scary as you think. I tell myself that I will definitely go back there again. I met friendship and stories along the way, and it was one of the most precious things in my life. I went through my fears, fun, and the experience of traveling alone.


*** The end of the trip is very special in an amazing place, Gunung Silipat Betong, Yala province, Thailand ***

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Traveler:   Ploy